Transplant is Unzyme’s third album. Written by Joona Nuutinen and co-produced by Lasse Turunen.

Special packaging

There is no conventional CD packaging available for Transplant. Transplant is more like a magazine. 28 pages of lyrics, photos and stories. It’s 21 by 21 centimeters – almost twice the size of an old-fashioned CD case, and somewhat similar to the 7″ vinyl size. The album includes a CD for your old school listening fetishes.

Transplant Track Listing

  1. Tied into a frame
  2. The Completionist
  3. Raided room
  4. Solace on the run
  5. Until the guilt is forgiven
  6. Extinction
  7. Lie down in debris
  8. Misconstructed
  9. Incision
  10. Wargame
  11. The map that led me here