The goons at my door

The dawn came to tell me I’m a freak The sun tries to drag me out of my sleep I miss the company of my heroes they would remind me of where I ought to be I’m well prepared for an emergency the goons at my door will get what they deserve I leave my … Read more

Excuses ran dry

One more day before I shall look into the mirror Just a little more I can handle greater strain Treat me like machines I am made of steel and power The more I do today the easier is tomorrow A long time ago I got lost into the maze of reason and logic the ultimate … Read more

Thought of decay

In the rules of your life you will have to define how you will die As you plan for your time you can try to defy the thought of decay I understand if you need lies to keep your cool I understand if you need lies I like the idea of living on forever but … Read more

Which way

I travel on a bike along a lonesome road Everything I need, I carry in my bag The light of day will show me how much time is left I can stop whenever beauty steals my focus Which way do I want to go? Which day holds the best energy? What place suits the best … Read more