Jesus in my trunk

Jesus in my trunk, he’s shouting “You got it wrong” Jesus in my trunk, he’s screaming, but I turn up the radio “Crucifiction was awful shit indeed – back in the days it could not be framed. Crucifiction was needed to impress and to harness the heads of the crowd.” Congregation is better off without … Read more

Bad old times

I spread all the photographs on the floor they look at me and tell me that there’s something I should’ve done differently I finally see the looks on your face they gradually went from total joy to numbness of self-defense and bitterness Who took your head under? Drained your oxygen? He’s still in your brain … Read more


Someone tipped them off it must have been you No one else knew how to get inside You turned off the cams and opened the gates to tritium storage facility Now the game is on and this time it’s no drill Yeah, the wargame is on and you have made your move You led us … Read more