You slid from the highway There’s nothing I can say This tension is unbearable The drawings in your room the cradle and the books gave me hope just for a while Every day a life will fade away it’s a pain that must be understood but to stay behind to wonder why is not enough … Read more

Crush this relic

When you look into my eyes do you see a wall reflecting? I wish you didn’t When you seek for ways to live I’m not an option on your list you see, I’m only slowing you down Find out, you’ve got to find out Even if you don’t believe in love you can’t live in … Read more

Solace on the run

Shout out loud until you’re empty until you’re out of words Pour down all the filthy feelings Break free from your daily schema you know it’s killing you Shake off rules and regulations Now you are a traitor of the nation you contribute to moral degradation They want to see you suffer like they do … Read more