Money grinder

Here is your daily dose from the industry of hope The marketplace of dreams immense pyramid schemes This is your only shot at a life that’s worth a lot you better be one of the alphas Stop, everybody needs to fucking stop Stop living in your box You are the building blocks of the money … Read more

Nerve cells

Draw the walls that you see Sing the voices you hear Show the spikes that you feel Did you know you were misled? The way you speak is unique Your eyes, your physique and the shape of your head is precisely as intended Darling it’s too dangerous to religiously hold on Darling all your nerve … Read more

Lie down in debris

It took a long time to see that your heart was just lying to get heard I thought I was incomplete ’cause my hands could not make you feel at home no suffocation anymore you treaded fearless to a storm and as you lie down in debris you’re finally free You could’ve left silently and … Read more

Tied into a frame

I put on this old mask of mine I write the lines in my mind I play along, at least I try My performance is a shroud My imperfection not allowed I was taught to fight, not to cry Tied into a frame I don’t belong in Still so far away from the world I … Read more