I was born under the wrong sun Terracentric dreams never turned me on From the moment I laid my feet on the ground I wanted to jump right off the Earth I built a vessel to defy the speed of light I needed to comprehend other forms of life Attributes of the human race were … Read more

Another crossing

Are you gonna spend all your life in the hallway Are you gonna wait all your life for your turn to come fatally continuing normally for now Are you still awaiting for a call to get chosen Would you rather be on the road that you crossed for good If you refuse to take control … Read more

Faces I knew

You were the poster boy You wanted to be a star You had access to all the planes that you wanted to get on You had the greatest voice You knew how to write a song but you gave in and traded your beauty to a high Faces I knew are turning to stone, and … Read more

Sinking in the past

“Now is not the time” you said and said until it struck me that you’re in a loop From above the trees I saw the pattern of erosion and the endless loop Sinking in the past I heard you knocking on the door I see you in the dark as a ghost You’re talking to … Read more

Until the guilt is forgiven

I couldn’t see the reaper at your door I thought that time would patch you up Did the clock stop ticking? You always carried more than you could bear You said that help is always near, just call your brother I gotta keep running, oh, until the guilt is forgiven I gotta keep running, oh, … Read more

The Completionist

I get visions of strange desires – one more love to complement the others I dream of living several lives one for each fantasy I hide She gives me the pills She lets me drown in her kiss She keeps me alive She makes it worth all the lies Get a hold of yourself No … Read more

Crazy talk

Your face is prettier today or do I see more than meets the eye your face is different every day I don’t care if you are really here a lucid dream will do if you’re not real I don’t know which half of you is me it must be crazy talk, crazy talk who would’ve … Read more

About to explode

I came to the forest to find peace I came here alone The pressure is rising and I think I’m about to explode I feel like I’m running out of fuel I feel all the damage and if I can’t walk it off I will relapse to your grace I gaze at a foggy mountaintop … Read more

Step outside

Right at the edge of morale there is a dangerous place an area free of critique and laws that keep me still In order to know where to stay I need to go too far – reach the peak of the flame until I feel the pain I was given so many chances too many … Read more