Most Wanted: Music

Most Wanted: Music – The bullshit-free, get-it-done, connectivity conference for creatives and music business professionals who know that Berlin does it differently. Most Wanted: Music is taking a modern, alternative approach to programming, creating an experiential space for the future of the music and creative industries. Attendees will feel the benefit of innovative talk and workshop … Read more


Creative industries festival in Scotland.

Music & Media

Three decades full of music, insights and encounters.

Loftas Fest

Loftas Fest is one space that connects music, street art, installations, modern dance, theater, design and much more.

PopMid Music Industry Gathering

PopMid is a Music Industry tradeshow with a twist. It has no specific focus or theme and hosts the entire industry spectrum, from physical sales and distribution, content creation, management and licensing, consultancy, to digital services, distribution and promotion. PopMid was founded in response to the high entrance fees for established music industry trade shows … Read more

Primavera Pro

Primavera Pro is a global meeting point for the music world, opening a window on what’s new and the challenges of an industry that is in constant evolution. For 5 days, the state of the music business is debated with the best-known experts in the field, showcasing dozens of newcomer bands and giving access to … Read more

Kyiv Music Days

The network forum of the concert industry, which brings together the key participants, market experts and musicians. Music showcase festival of the world-famous “music week” format. Within а few days, musicians of various genres perform at the same time in many different areas of Kyiv.


A showcase festival and a music business conference in Oslo, Norway.


Linecheck is a music festival and meeting point for industry professionals, held in the Italian city of Milan. Linecheck is a part of the Milano Music Week. It presents an extensive program of talks, showcases, discussions that explore Italy’s music industry and it’s relationship with the global scene featuring international players and the major protagonists … Read more

Live at Heart

Live at Heart is one of the biggest showcase festivals in Scandinavia. Set in Örebro, Sweden LAH offers networking opportunities for artists, startups and film industry. Live at Heart is all about lectures, seminars, workshops and networking activities on subjects related to music, film, entrepreneurship, and business. Genres include pop, rock, heavy metal, electro, folk, … Read more

Sound City

Liverpool Sound City festival is known for its inventive use of a wide variety of spaces, from cavernous warehouses to setting up a stage on the banks of the Mersey.


Switzerland’s m4music is the most important showcase festival of the country’s independent music scene. It’s the ideal place to discover emerging artists, and to meet and connect with Swiss music business professionals.

Mastering The Music Business

Mastering The Music Business showcase festival & conference is the leading professional event for the Romanian music industry. It was founded in 2016 with the aim of connecting local artists and music business professionals with their peers from all across Europe and increasing the mobility of Romanian musicians abroad.

MENT Ljubljana

MENT is a three-day showcase festival of fresh artists from all of Europe and beyond, during which around 70 acts perform at different venues around Ljubljana. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity.

Monkey Week

Monkey Week is the meeting point for independent music industry professionals every autumn in Seville. And it’s the most important showcase festival in Spain. It’s the event where artists, bookers, promoters, the press and the audience share a unique experience. It’s the perfect mix between an urban festival, a forum and a trade fair… and … Read more

Monkey Weekend

Monkey Weekend is a sister event of Monkey Week. Takes place in Seville, Spain, in June.