YouTube growth strategies to expand your content distribution network

Creating tons of quality content systematically and regularly is the basis of any growth hacking strategy, and it’s essential for your success on YouTube as well.

Reach out and collaborate

One of my content marketing efforts is to interview people who do interesting stuff, and have something valuable to share. The same can be done on YouTube, too. You could interview influencers, professionals, artists, organisers, marketers – whoever does something you’re interested in. It’s also a good way to do some research on the subjects you don’t know too much about. Most of the people I’ve asked to do an interview with, have agreed to do it right away.

Comment on timely topics

Videos can be comments on hot topics – new releases, movies, headlines, maybe even politics. Look for relevant topics on Google Trends, and vlog about it. Tag some people on Twitter, who might be interested in your videos.

Share your content all over the place

People won’t find your content by accident. Spend more time distributing your content, than creating your content. Embed your videos to your blog articles, post your videos to Twitter and Facebook.

Organic reach + minor paid boost

You can gain a few hundred subscribers a year organically, but if you really want to grow your audience, I suggest you invest some money in pre-roll YouTube advertising. It can make a big difference in your subscriber count, if the video content is of very high quality. Tastemakers can make your video trend by sharing it in their own social media profiles, but you must improve your chances of discovery first.

It doesn’t matter how people find your content. If they really like it, they’ll comment, subscribe and/or share.

Related channels

YouTube lets you choose a few related channels. Barter with a few similar channels, and exchange links.

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