Tap into the search and conversation streams

One of the best ways to find an audience is to think about what the people you want to reach are searching for, and create content that matches that search.

I create content for various reasons. One being documenting what I learn, and sharing that in hopes that other people would also find the information useful. My secret agenda is to become a professional in indie marketing, and then talk about that in music industry events. But that is yet to be done, so I’ll just have to keep documenting.

The other main reason for creating all this content, is to reach people who are interested in music that is similar to what I like to compose. I’ve spent way less time on this type of content, which may have been a mistake. Album and song reviews on this blog are probably the closest thing to this type of content. Reviews are still searched for quite often, so it’s a good idea to write them. I always have the music player and video players close to the review, just in case the reader would be interested in having a listen to my music.

There are may other types of contents that you can use to tap into the search. And not just Google search – YouTube search as well. Think about what your ideal listener would be looking for, and create the type of content that would pop up in that situation.

Examples of tapping into the search stream

  1. Write or shoot an album review, when the album is hot, and everyone’s talking about it. Single songs work just as well. You can do little pieces of content, as long as it offers something that your ideal listener would enjoy spending some time on.
  2. Do cover songs of your favorite artist’s most popular songs. Check which songs are being searched for on Google or YouTube, and do a specacular cover version of that song.

When your piece of content is ready, it’s important to share it. The strategy that I’m currently testing, is that whenever I create a YouTube video about music business, or any other topic that is being talked about on Twitter, I look for those conversations and reply to them with a link to my content.

Conversations can also be started this way. You can invite people to join the conversation on Twitter by tagging them. One way to tap into the search, or “riding the hashtag”, is to look for popular topics first, then create a piece of content that brings something new to the conversation, and replying to the discussion with a link to your piece of content. This particular strategy may have led you to this article. Please leave a comment, if this is the way you found this post!

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