Make your content worth consuming

This is one of the things I seem to have learned the hard way. I did 31 vlog episodes, more or less about myself, and it seems that the ones that were not about me, were the most interesting, at least if the view count is the metric of choice.

Of course some content can be about you, but think about it this way: why should anyone care? If you have something to teach through a story of yours, then it’s okay to post about it, but rambling solely about your own problems may not be that interesting to anyone else.

The difficulty in creating content that is interesting to a wider audience, is that you need to be interested in that as well. This approach raises the bar of content creation, but that can be overcome by planning the contents well in advance. People are generally more interested in themselves than the stuff that happens around them. However, if you can find a good spot somewhere in the middle, that’s where the magic starts to happen. Be useful, entertaining and interesting. Make your content worth someone’s time.

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