Why you shouldn’t be using automated direct messages on Twitter

Automated “Thanks for the follow, please subscribe to my YouTube channel” messages don’t work. People are not going to be excited about that message, because so many attention-seeking tweeps are misusing that feature. Only amateur marketers care about the follower count instead of the attention they’re getting.

Rule number one is to create interesting, valuable content in the context and format of that particular social platform. So how exactly is an automated DM, which is usually one of the first things you get to know about someone, going to be paid any attention to? Nobody cares about you before you prove yourself worth following.

Prove yourself valuable

Instead of asking something right away, you should be providing content that is actually useful and interesting. You should participate in conversations – providing answers and asking questions that need to be answered. You need to make your thoughts visible. One engaged follower (a fan) is worth a million indifferent followers.

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