Influencer marketing strategies for bloggers – optimizing your articles for certain keywords

I write about several themes on this blog, and sometimes choose the topics quite strategically. Interviews are a form of influencer marketing, and they’re rather easy to arrange. Reviews can be written without a permission, which makes them easier to write, but they’re not that likely to be shared. I also write about my experiences on music marketing, and choose topics that are likely to be looked for.

Interviews bring instant results

Interviews bring people to your site, because the interviewee generally likes to share the article. They share the article, because they like to show their friends how interesting they are. Chances are that the friends of the interviewee are new to your site, and highly interested in the subject. Shared articles tend to rank better on search engines too.

Interviews bring short-term traffic, but are also good for long-term SEO, if the person being written about is a celebrity. The more known the person is, the more they’re being searched for. Sometimes it’s better to write about a semi-known celebrity, because you have better chances of ranking high within a niche.

I’ve gotten many interviews simply by asking on Twitter.

Reviews are long-term investments

I write reviews mostly because I like to tell about the music I listen to. One of my latest reviews is about Bon Jovi’s This House is not for Sale, and while it’s not the most popular article on this site, it still brings 1-3 readers per day, which is 365 – 1095 readers per year. Quality articles bring traffic for years to come, so I can calculate that every time I write a new article, it probably brings at least a few hundred people per year to the blog. Every new article is a new way to find your blog.

Reviews could also be about products, such as my thoughts on the Nexus eLicenser dongle madness, the lack of power of the new MacBook Pro or how I really like my OnePlus 3T.

In addition to writing about your personal interests, you could choose your topics by using Google AdWords keyword tool, browsing Google Trends, checking Twitter trending topics list, or through some other list of popular keywords. Magazine websites often have a list of top articles (which may or may not be manipulated).

Personal experiences

Your everyday grind, even though it might seem boring to you, is actually unique, and somebody could probably learn from what you’re doing. Sharing personal experiences is also one of the key reasons to start following a blog, because that particular type of content cannot be read anywhere else.


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