Can’t type in WordPress visual editor in Chrome?

I use WordPress to manage this site, and found that the visual editor suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t type anything. I tried updating everything, disabling plugins and even ran a WordFence scan (to check if the site had been infected), but none of that worked. I finally tested the WordPress TinyMCE editor in Safari, in which I don’t have any AdBlock plugin installed, and the editor worked fine. So I narrowed the problem down to Chrome, and then to AdBlock.

It’s weird, because no other WP site that I run, had not been affected before, so I figured that maybe a certain combination of plugins in WordPress and Chrome could be the problem.

About a week ago I installed Advanced Ads plugin, because I’m getting more and more traffic on the site, and I need to be able to display sponsor ads soon.

If you’re getting a blank editor screen in WordPress, and you’re running AdBlock and Advanced Ads, you need to disable AdBlock. And besides, it makes absolutely no sense to have AdBlock enabled, if you’re running ads on your site.

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