Social media should not be your top priority

I’m kind of bored of feeding content to all the social media beasts. I used to care about follower counts, but then again, followers are no good unless they really care about you. It’s a full time job to chase the fame on any social media platform. Of course it can be really beneficial to have a huge following, and there’s nothing wrong with posting to social media. I just think that many musicians concentrate way too much on being marketers than the most important task – writing relevant music.

Social media content should be a byproduct of your musical activities, not something you produce just to get attention. Even if you manage to gain some followers, they won’t stick around if your craft is uninspiring.

Act first, talk later. Firstly, if you talk about your goals, people will respond as if you had already achieved something, and that will lower your need to accomplish anything. And it’s not as interesting to hear about some bloody plans instead of something that you’ve actually done. A friend of mine said that many artists have lost part of their charm because everything they do is so very public. There is no mystery anymore.

Invest your time wisely

Being an artist requires quite a bit of time management skills. Your most valuable asset is your time. Composing, writing, social media marketing, networking, promoting – all these things are very important to your success. You can have a team around that can help with social media content, but nobody can really post as interesting content about your work as you can. Social media marketing can never be completely outsourced, though parts of it can be.

I encourage all musicians to spend less time staring at social media statistics and more time in the studio. Do something interesting first and brag about it later!

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