Unzyme at Tallinn Music Week 2016

Joona of Unzyme will be buzzing around at Tallinn Music Week 2016, especially on the conference days. If you see a guy dressed completely in green, or a suspiciously damaged lab coat, that person is most probably the singer of Unzyme.

Preparing for such an event takes quite a lot of effort. Booking hotels, buying a delegate pass & ferry tickets, packing all the necessary promotional materials in a somewhat transportable travel case and planning which bands to see and whose speeches to listen.

We’ve prepared a promo package that includes

  • Both of our albums (Brainforest and Override), and a brochure about the upcoming third album.
  • Poster (Override Tour in Germany 2015)
  • General brochure about Unzyme
  • A test tube
  • A sticker
  • Business card
  • All packed in an official autoclave bag (biohazard bag)

Our plan is to talk with interesting music business people and to network with likeminded musicians, hopefully finding new collaborators. Right now we need to connect with booking agents, labels, publicity accomplices, media people, bloggers, radio personalities, tech geeks, knob twiddlers and other artists.

Joona will be in Tallinn from March 29th to April 3rd. If you’d like to meet him, send a message or call +358 45 676 5385.

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