How to prepare for a music business conference

My way of preparing to a music business conference is rather systematic. Weeks before the event, I collect all our current marketing materials into neat little promo packages, ready to be handed out at the event.

Who else is coming?

Usually events publish a list of attendees. It’s a good idea to spend a lot of time with the list before the event. Look for the attendees’ social media profiles and websites. List the people who are most interesting to you, maybe even follow them on Twitter, etc. Come up with something to suggest to them, or at least a few questions. Then, look for them at the event and fire away. You have nothing to lose.

Promo packs

Our promo packs include a poster, biography, brochure, business card, our latest album, a test tube and a sticker – packed in a transparent autoclave bag (biohazard bag). All of these are available separately as well.

Plan the event schedule according to your networking goals

Usually I want to talk to the hosts of the presentations, so I mostly attend the presentations that are hosted by someone I’d like to do business with. I always go to the front row.

The lobby is full of surprises

In between speakers, there will be bits of unallocated time. My strategy is to start a conversation with a stranger. Some really cool opportunities have been found this way. For example, at Tallinn Music Week in 2016, I met a music curator from New York, who had selected the soundtrack for the Scream horror movies, among other films. I had no clue who the guy was, but I just started talking and found out. Always be ready for a conversation!

Official Unzyme Laboratories clothing

I always carry a lab coat and an official Unzyme Laboratories ID card with me, in case I need to be extra visible in the crowd.


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