First Crowdfire test results

I’ve been testing Crowdfire for about a week now. It seems to generate some plays on YouTube. I searched for people who were fans of the bands that I like, and followed about 80 profiles per day. Conversion rate seems to be 2-5%. Nothing too crazy, and may not be worth the rather manual and time-consuming effort. However, I will continue experimenting, because something is definitely happening, and that’s interesting. Maybe I just haven’t found the right kind of people yet.

I noticed that most people click the link on the profile text, instead of the video link in the pinned tweet. Some do click on that, too, so it’s good to have that as well. I had accidentally left two different links (to different videos) on the Twitter profile page, so it was an accidental A/B test, which proved to be helpful. YouTube video analytics told me that the link in the profile was more interesting.

Hashtags can also be used in the profile description text. I’m now testing different hashtags, and if they make any difference in being found in Twitter search.

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