Looking for release partners for Unzyme’s Wargame music video

Heyo! We’re Unzyme, a biomechanical pop band from Finland, and we’re about to release our fifth music video from our latest album, Transplant. We’ve been working hard on the music and the video, and are now looking for suitable media partners to team up with and make a spectacular release.

We offer our help in exchange for exposure

With your media outlet, and our media production skills, we can create an impressive launch. We can offer you video production, website improvements, search engine optimization or marketing consultation in exchange for exposure in your media. We’re mainly interested in reviews, features and interviews, but also guest blogging and vlog collaborations are good ways of helping each other out. You do something for us, and we do something for you.

Wargame (music video)

Unzyme’s biography

Unzyme’s biomechanical pop combines the energy and catchy melodies of rock songs with rough and beautiful electronic soundscapes. The Unzyme staff is driven by synthetic life forms, ambitious DIY mentality and multidimensional imagination. Musically Unzyme is influenced by The Pet Shop Boys, The Prodigy, Pendulum, Apoptygma Berzerk, Green Day and Bon Jovi, to name a few.

Unzyme’s discography

  • Brainforest (2010)
  • Override (2015)
  • Transplant (2017)

Music videos from the album Transplant

Extinction (music video)

Lie down in debris (music video)

Until the guilt is forgiven (music video)

The Completionist (music video)

Transplant @ Spotify

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Contact info

Joona Nuutinen

Wargame – Song lyrics

Someone tipped them off
it must have been you
No one else knew how to get inside
You turned off the cams
and opened the gates
to tritium storage facility

Now the game is on
and this time it’s no drill
Yeah, the wargame is on
and you have made your move

You led us to believe
a maintenance team
had come to contain a major spill
The hazmat truck
was just a cover
to smuggle out raw materials

You found a hole in our defenses
And let loose a lethal fire
All the assaults
were done to gain moral high ground

Your fabrication was
impressive, oh yes
You made us fall
into your trap
It’s time to say
goodbye to your friends
they’re gonna pay for your actions