Extracting email addresses from a recipients list to collect a music promotion mailing list

This is one of those dirty tricks that I haven’t had the guts to utilize before, but now I’m going to give it a try, because…why not. I’ve decided to talk openly about all the means that I’m using in order to gain a stand in the music business. I hope that others will learn … Read more

Using Crowdfire to get more music video plays on YouTube

I got a tip from a friend of mine to start using Crowdfire to gain more Twitter followers. Generally I don’t like that whole follow/unfollow game, but it seems that it actually works, when done right. Crowdfire offers some simple tools, with which you can easily follow a certain kind of audience. You can “copy … Read more

Social media should not be your top priority

I’m kind of bored of feeding content to all the social media beasts. I used to care about follower counts, but then again, followers are no good unless they really care about you. It’s a full time job to chase the fame on any social media platform. Of course it can be really beneficial to … Read more

Unzyme at Tallinn Music Week 2016

Joona of Unzyme will be buzzing around at Tallinn Music Week 2016, especially on the conference days. If you see a guy dressed completely in green, or a suspiciously damaged lab coat, that person is most probably the singer of Unzyme. Preparing for such an event takes quite a lot of effort. Booking hotels, buying a … Read more

Search Engine Optimization as a music marketing strategy

One of the most popular posts here on Unzyme.com is the rant about Nexus eLicenser stupidity. We also have some neat guides for setting up a live show using Ableton Live and how to control DMX lights with MIDI information from Ableton. Originally we didn’t write about these topics because we wanted more traffic on the site. … Read more

Facebook advertising brought us fake likes and seriously diminished our reach

We advertised on Facebook a few years ago and got lots of likes. The sad thing is, too many of them are fake likes, and now they’re seriously crippling our reach to the real people who would actually be interested in what we do. So, instead of helping us, buying Facebook ads has made it a lot harder for us to reach even the audience that we used to have before the campaign. And now, to get the message through, we are asked to pay to boost the post. Having spent way too much money on Facebook advertising already, we refuse to pay more. If there was an easy way to delete all the fake likes, we would do it.

If you’re an artist who has done the same thing, spread the word and stop paying for Facebook ads. But if you do, it’s a good idea to check the organic matter percentage of your followers. Skynet might already be self-aware.