Song dissection: Mother of all bombs

Sometimes a single sound can inspire a whole song. Mother of all bombs started as a sound experiment. I was playing with Omnisphere, and found this epic guitar sound, which just screamed to get onto a song. The guitar sound, along with the gated pad sound, really started to inspire me, and soon I had … Read more

Song dissection: Step outside

Step outside was one of the first songs to get written for Override. The lyric is about stepping outside of a stale relationship to taste a forbidden affair. But whenever I think about this song, I feel that it’s about actually getting out, breathing fresh air, getting inspired by your surroundings. I have specific forests, … Read more

Nerve cells music video released

Nerve cells is the second single from Unzyme’s upcoming album. Some of our songs have science fiction themes. This is one of two scifi songs on the fourth Unzyme album. As a long-time fan of science fiction movies and games, I always find it fascinating to write about possible futures. Songs like Extinction, Wargame and … Read more

Mary Violet has parted ways with Unzyme

Unzyme’s live keyboardist, Mary Violet has left the band. There was no drama or hard feelings – we have parted ways in good terms. Mary decided to go all in on her dream of becoming a music therapist, and that meant that she had to leave a lot of things behind. Mary has been overly … Read more

TW3LV, Huntar – Tonight (Review)

Sometimes, when I’m looking for suitable Spotify playlists to send Unzyme’s music to, I come across some really cool new songs. TW3LV & Huntar surprised me with their lovely song, Tonight. The vibe of this song is super cool and soulful. The vocals sound very soothing and the production suits the song very well. Timeless … Read more

Röyksopp – Andromeda (Review)

I sometimes listen to my Spotify Release Radar without looking at what’s on this week’s playlist. When this track kicked in, it was clear that this was a Röyksopp song. The crunchy synth sounds, the relentless arpeggios, the grooves that make it impossible to stay still, the feeling of flying – it’s all there. I … Read more

Alan Walker & Ava Max – Alone, Pt. II (Review)

Alan Walker’s songs are laser-focused on young people who feel alienated. They see the world from their personal digital perspective that algorithms designed for them, and since their bubble is unique, they wonder why nobody understands them. Are You Lonely, Alone, Ghost, Faded and Lost Control talk about the feeling of being an outsider, and … Read more

Slander feat. Dylan Matthew – Love Is Gone (Review)

I was listening to the fantastic Active Anthems electronic music playlist, and amidst all fun-but-not-epic tracks, I was stopped on my tracks by Slander’s awesome piece of art, called Love Is Gone. Having explored new music for a couple of days, this was a breath of fresh air. The arrangement is very surprising. I like … Read more

New Unzyme album to be released in the fall of 2020

Unzyme’s fourth album is about 70% done. It will be released in the fall of 2020. No specific release date has been set yet. We’re really excited about this release, because it’s going to be a very versatile album. These are all relatively new songs, all composed after the release of Transplant. On Transplant, there … Read more

Bon Jovi – Limitless (Review)

Limitless kicks off with a familiar “whoaaah”, as heard extensively on Burning Bridges. There’s a bit of “We Don’t Run”, “Undivided” and “We Weren’t Born to Follow” in this song. And a whole lot of the style that was prominent on This House Is Not For Sale. There’s nothing too surprising about Limitless, and if … Read more

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish (Review)

I’ve been following Porter Robinson ever since Spotify’s brain-picking algorithms introduced him to my consciousness, back in 2015. I really enjoyed his debut album Worlds, and his work as Virtual Self. Porter’s music is very unique and recognizable. It’s artistic and it sometimes borders on cute, which is not too common in today’s poposphere. The … Read more

Pet Shop Boys – Hotspot (Review)

Pet Shop Boys is my most listened-to band according to Spotify’s statistics. I’ve been a Spotify user for 11 years, and for all that time Spotify has collected data on the music I’ve listened to the most. When Spotify’s decade report appeared a few months ago, Pet Shop Boys took the first spot. So, I … Read more