Biomechanical pop

Unzyme's biomechanical pop combines the energy and catchy melodies of rock songs with rough and beautiful electronic soundscapes. The Unzyme staff is driven by synthetic life forms, ambitious DIY mentality and multidimensional imagination. Musically we’re influenced by The Pet Shop Boys, The Prodigy, Pendulum, Apoptygma Berzerk, Green Day and Bon Jovi, to name a few.

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Twitter following limits

I got greedy with my Crowdfire campaign, and right now Twitter won't let me follow any more users. Twitter doesn't tell whether I've been banned or if I've hit the...

How to negotiate sponsorship deals

I have recently began sponsorship negotiations with many companies. Just a few weeks ago, while browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon a Finnish association devoted to sponsorship and event marketing. I got very...

Mind scan: Thomas Thanasi

I'm always interested in presenting new talent, so I decided to start a new series of artist interviews, called "Mind scan". A promising young artist caught my attention at Budi Voogt's webinar....

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